St. Ives

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Review by Licia:

A somewhat incongruous but still beautiful, entertaining film that hasn't achieved much fame, probably because it's inaccuracies won't sit well with period buffs while it's quiet, episodic quality will make those of us who aren't period buffs think it's a too-far ingrained "period" film. Too bad, because the performances are awesome and the film itself is full of solid drama, swordfights, and a couple of fresh love stories. Jason's part in the film as the self-loathing alcoholic is another cliche (especially with all the clumsy falls he must take as the villain), but of course he makes classy work of his role as the title character's older brother, perfectly delicious with his watery eyes, crude volatility, and dark, hissing demeanor.

Watch it for Jason, definitely, but have a good time with Richard E. Grant and Miranda Richardson as well. Of all the talent that shows up in this film, these three are obviously having the most fun.