Peter Pan

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Released at Christmastime 2003, this film was touted as the version of Peter Pan that stayed true to the book. Well, there were a few exceptions, like the addition of Aunt Millicent, but in all, it was very close. There seemed to be a bit of a run on Peter Pan themed films, as "Finding Neverland" (with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet) was released a little later.

The film also stars Olivia Wood as Mrs Darling, Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan, Rachel Hurd-Wood as Wendy, and a bevy of other boys as The Lost Boys and Wendy's brothers.

Review by Licia:

Underneath all the special effects and music video moments, 'Peter Pan' is one gutsy little kids film, and it's all because of James Hook. The old Disney animated captain looked like a lumbering buffoon with a five o'clock shadow, in my opinion, and Dustin Hoffman's Hook was a bit stumpy and pathetic, and Alan Rickman was just for show, but Jason? He makes the claw-armed Hook seem beautiful yet hideous, tender yet brutal, troubled yet mercilessóall in one breath, all with one moustachioed little smirk or glint of those "piercing blue eyes." There simply wouldn't be a film without Jason's performance, which stands as one of his absolute best.

Little kids will miss the innunendo by a mile, but older kids (like me, haha), will be blushing from one minute to the next as Hook swaggers and sways his insidious way around Wendy's wide-eyed defiance. Jason plays Hook as J. M. Barrie intended himódangerous, endlessly complex, but ever-smiling, almost as if he were in on the very joke that brought him to Neverland in the first place.

Very highly recommended!