Other Characters

Mitchell Walsh (Anthony Higgins). The talent agent of Billy Byrne, he coddles and manipulates his clients, making money off their successes. He has some great lines in the film, especially when he's addressing Sal: "Sal, get in here and give me a quick one off the wrist!" or "Sal, interrupt us again and I'll have to resort to gratuitous use of the word 'cunt'."

Janey (Kate Ashfield). Billy's long-suffering girlfriend who finally decides to dump his sorry arse. She's one of the only real 'normal' people in the film.

Billy Byrne (Max Beesley). The main focus of the film. He is an artist who makes it big - once. He is possibly a graphic artist, though it is never specified. It seems more likely that it is something in the art world, rather than in music.

Sal (Liz May Brice). She is Walsh's secretary. She is quite likely an associate of Percy's, given the eye contact between them at Prosthesis. She fetches Billy from Valve and leads him down to where Damon, Price, and Percy are sitting.

Damon, Garvey and Price (Joseph Bennett, Ciaran McMenamin, & Ronnie McCann). Damon and Price are associates of Percy, while Garvey is originally a friend of Billy's who makes it big.