The Last Minute

Percy is my fascination, I'll admit that right away. You'd think that a guy who is a major drug dealer (and an apparent psychopath) wouldn't be the sort to catch my notice. As I thought initially as well. But, when you combine those nasty traits with an astounding talent for crooning, not to mention dancing, you have a character who begins to intrigue. Besides, how often do you get to see such a mean hip thrust?

The film follows Billy Byrne, "it" boy of the moment, from his last minutes of fame and through his darkest hours. We're never quite certain what exactly it is that he does that has made him so famous, but speculations range from a pop singer or perhaps a graphic designer. When he's hot, everyone wants him - but when he's a has-been, he can't get anywhere. He's just a little too intellectual for his own good; he goes on about too many things, and as his girlfriend Janey suggests, he "talks out of his own ass" a bit too much. His main focus is how much time we've got left - and as he says "What did you do this week?"

Percy appears near the beginning of the film, and then again later. The first scene is in a club called Prosthesis, a trendy medical-fetishist club owned by himself, Jarman, and Mr Price (the latter two Billy is acquainted with from his agent). He headbutts a rude DJ, and takes over the microphone to sing a cover of Sinatra's "I've Got You Under My Skin." Later in the film, he comes to punish Grimshanks and his crew in the catacombs, making an example for his other clients, should they also choose to owe him money.

And the third... well, let's just say that you should sit and watch all the credits, hmmm?